Eagle Vision Quarterly Newsletter

September, 2009

Richard Simms
President, Black Eagle Executive Search

The employment picture in the Canadian hardware/housewares industry is definitely showing signs of economic recovery through the summer of 2009. As you are probably aware, August marks the fourth month in the past six to see growth in both single and multi-unit housing starts with August starts being up 12% across the country. As noted in the Globe and Mail on September 10th “The improvement in housing starts is consistent with our expectation of a stronger second half for 2009” said Bob Dugan, chief economist for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. To add further to this optimism, the Bank of Canada is predicting that the country’s gross domestic product will grow at a faster pace over the second half of 2009 than the 2.2% annualized rate it predicted in July 2009 – Globe and Mail, September 11th, 2009.

So what does this mean for employment in the hardware/housewares industry? If Black Eagle Executive Search can be used as a microcosm of the employment situation in our industry, 5 searches have been successfully conducted since March 2009 - 4 in Ontario, 1 in Quebec; 4 in hardware, 1 in housewares. Also, many companies who had instituted hiring freezes are now lifting them.

As you might expect, there is good search activity in the sales area as companies move to bolster their revenues. As the economy improves further, more positions will become available in the marketing, finance, and production areas as well.

From a candidate perspective, after 5 searches, I can advise that there are still a large number of excellent candidates available in the hardware/housewares industry both currently unemployed and employed. My prediction is that the best of these candidates will be rapidly hired in the fall of 2009 based on the need for additional personnel and because employers are now hiring with the 2010 budget in mind and a much stronger economy for next year.

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